5 steps to get your Google Adwords Running Apple-y like Icing on your Cupcake


Google Adwords is its advertising system of placing ads on Google pages that show results from its search engine queries. A few weeks ago I talked about banner ads and landing pages. Google Adwords is a great place to post these types of ads?

Google Adwords is the highest venue on the food chain. Wether it be apples or cupcakes, you know people are specifically searching for the something you have (Amazon alone spends over 150 million a year on google ads) .  Unlike a billboard where some people have no need for your product, Adwords targets only those people who have an interest. It also goes beyond that by its re-marketing campaigns which is another powerful tool. read more


  1. Set up an account at Google Adwords.
  2. Determine your daily and monthly budget by using the keyword evaluation tools
  3. Establish top ranking kew words and strategy.
  4. Create 3 – 4 text ads using the keywords from your evaluation.
  5. Set up a re-marketing campaign with 3 – 4 display banner ads.


Of coarse there are many more tactics and strategies to employ – like how many keywords do I need, do I need negative keywords or whats a broad match compared to an exact match keyword et…

If you need help please contact MG Creations at 203-912-2571. We can either initially set up your campaign and hand it off or set up and manage it. We accept all major credit cards.

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