Hello, I am the founder of MG Creations. Although we are a start up company I have over 25 years of design experience in advertising, marketing and promotions. I remember designing my first website back in the mid 90’s with a program called adobe Pagemill. I even prototyped a website design for Lilly Miller, a company I was working for at the time, for all their products. They turned down the idea saying the “internet will never tack off”. I laugh about this now when I think back and know that my design was not to much different than the designs we have now. Yes a lot has changed since then with responsive design, but at the core good design is always good design. Here at MG Creations, We strive to give you the best designs. Whether it’s websites, banners, motion graphics, bumper video youtube ads, or even a three folded printed brochure, you know that our main concern is making you look good. I always feel that whatever we do here our main goal is trying to increase your sales by giving you the best path. With this much experience you know good things are going to happen.

I hope you choose us.

Michael Gugliotto


MG Creations is a different kind of agency, uniquely suited to the changing landscape of the business industry. Our major Industries of expertise include but not limited to Publishing, Healthcare, Finance, Sports and Real Estate. We integrate website, online, and print solutions as a cohesive campaign to achieve sales growth.

Our innovative, on-demand model delivers quality solutions for less while providing unmatched brand support.

At MG Creations, we understand that brands have different needs and resources throughout their life cycle. Our mission is to provide integral design services to match your branding goals. Our agency is uniquely focused on efficient execution of combined services—whether needed for just one project in a pinch, a series of projects over a month or more, or an annual scope of work. We work with you as either your sole agency, or as an agency partner to a portfolio of brands. Our unmatched brand support is driven by our:

  • Full-Service with expertise and experience to
    ensure consistent, stellar client service
  • Creation Hub of the industry’s top creative design
    talents to match the right expert to the task at hand
  • Marketing Hub to provide strategic and cost-saving
    solutions when client resources are limited

MG Creations has over 25 years of knowledge and experience. We follow a step-by-step method to ensure client success, and desire nothing less to make clients happy. Furthermore, Everything we do happens in the USA.

With our flat rate packages we are able to deliver quality and speed at a great price.

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